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The (non-icky) Sales Script For Coaches and Course Creators 

The 6 Step Conversation That Leads Your Prospect to an Empowered Yes or No Decision about Your Offer, and Lets You Have a Sales Conversation You Feel Good About

Let's face it, sales can feel icky.

For so many coaches, selling is their least favorite part of being a coach.

Whether it's because your sales calls rarely result in a sale, or you can't shake the feeling that you're somehow manipulating your prospect into giving you money, those conversations are something you dread.

And it doesn't help that many sales training courses emphasize "tricks" and "pressure tactics" to push people into buying.

What if there was a way to sell that doesn't feel like selling?

Wouldn't you rather lead your prospect through a conversation that helps them better understand their own situation AND shows them a path to achieve the results they want? Isn't this why you became a coach?

Imagine facilitating a conversation where your prospect gets more clarity about what they want and what's stopping them from getting it. And as a natural by-product of that conversation, they decide to work with you.

That's where The (non-icky) Sales Script for Coaches and Course Creators come in

This annotated 6-part conversation guide walks you step-by-step through a sales conversation, giving you language to use, telling you exactly where the details of your particular offer need to go, and giving you instructions about what to do at each step. It also explains why each step matters and what you are trying to accomplish in that part of the conversation.

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The (non-icky) Sales Script for Coaches and Course Creators includes...

  • Follow-up and probing questions to use at every step of the conversation so you're never at a loss for what to say
  • The 1 thing you must do at the start of every sales conversation
  • The best way to present the price of the program to make your prospect more likely to say yes
  • The specific order in which you must talk about parts of your coaching, program, or course to keep your prospect interested
  • The single most important thing you can do after telling your prospect the price

When you follow The (non-icky) Sales Script for Coaches and Course Creators, you'll actually start enjoying sales calls and you'll turn more prospects into clients.

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