How Your Relationship With Your Coaching Business Determines Your Success

Change your beliefs

Buckminster Fuller, said, ‘relationships are everything and everything is a relationship.’ which resonates in coaching where connections are the essence of the business.  

Whether it’s your relationship with money, friends, fear, adventure, home, or people in your life, relationships, aren’t easy, but they’re worth it. Their connection to ‘everything’ makes them a key factor in defining our reality.

Your coaching venture is a web of relationships with your business, clients, finances, and yourself as the CEO. 

Consider, research shows that positivity in relationships accounts for 30% of financial results, and impacts health and likability. Yet, as humans, we grapple with complexities in certain relationships.

How do we improve these?

While starting and marketing a business can be overwhelming, the truth is that it’s not about the finances or the marketing; it’s about your relationship with them.

How do you perceive your coaching business?

Do you cherish, appreciate, or get frustrated with it?

Changing relationships without addressing the underlying beliefs shaping them, is like changing props on a stage. The play and patterns persist. Only the scenery is different. 

When you heal and transform the beliefs that influence your relationships, the entire script changes. Old habits fade and new horizons unfold.

If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots.  To change the visible, you must first change the invisible.

- T Harv Ecker

What isn’t transformed, is transferred

Recurring patterns running on autopilot in the subconscious are 90% of the mind, while conscious decision are 10%. That means decisions are made through the filters of beliefs. Therefore, beliefs seem strategic and familiar because they have been constantly running, literally invisible on autopilot. 

For example, say you have a bad relationship.  Your companion leaves and says, “I don’t love you anymore.” You then start to believe that you are not loved and that you are not lovable. And you believe that as soon as anyone does love you it will only be temporary. At some point, they will decide they don’t love you anymore and will leave, just like all the other times.  

This is a negative/limiting belief that will not serve you well in the future and will quietly sabotage you.

The present is never defined by the past unless we allow it to be

You desire a loving relationship or a successful career, but in the past you had difficulty speaking up. So you let a lot of opportunities pass you by.  In order for you to reach for the stars and achieve what you desire, you must free yourself of the limiting negative beliefs that hold you locked into the patterns in your life which don’t work for you.

Notice what doesn’t work for you. Consciously choose to change beliefs to ones that will serve you, uplift you and allow you to flourish in life. 

If you now hold a strong belief you are not going to have a loving relationship, or successful career or business, then you must identify and clear that negative belief to allow in the loving relationship or successful career or business that you desire, and not just on a conscious level.  It is not aways as easy as affirming to yourself that you are lovable if you have a deep belief that you are not.

This is not uncommon.

So how can you uncover these negative beliefs if you’re not even aware of them?

Well, the good news is that these deep-seated limiting beliefs, which can be real to roadblocks in our lives, often manifest in a consistent theme in our external world, dropping hints about their existence.  Since they are tucked away deep within you, they tend to create patterns in your life. If you take a closer look at your past experiences, you might notice recurring behaviors and situations that point straight to these limiting beliefs.

If your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings create your outcomes, then the patterns we think of as ‘not working well’ in your life are simply the results that come from your beliefs. 

By examining these recurring patterns in your life, you can trace them back to uncover those limiting beliefs.  Once you’ve got a handle on them, you gain the insight to change these beliefs and pave the way for new results.

Here’s the interesting twist: when you realize that your life challenges are actually a driving force behind your success, they become part of your journey to greater achievements.  Consider this – from the most significant breakdowns, emerge the most remarkable breakthroughs.  These challenges take on a more purposeful role and contribute to your accomplishments.

You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage, Instead it’s important for you to understand that your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages.

- Michelle Obama

Consider Todd’s journey.  Initially discouraged by countless no’s, he reframed it into the ‘no game’ and soon measured success by rejections. Using this approach, he eliminated nervousness and grew his client base. 

I regret it that it took me several years to shift my business relationship and beliefs to fully embrace business ownership and being a CEO.  Once I did that, it made everything easier, with better decisions, results and doubled income.

The situation didn’t change. My perspective changed. That changed my relationship with my business to me being the CEO.  After that, everything changed.

How can you change your perspective and beliefs?

Consider asking; How do I use this situation to:

  • Change my patterns or routines?
  • Raise my awareness and compassion? ‘What is this trying to teach me?’
  • Polish my skills and unlock hidden potential?
  • Grow in empathy, and connect with others on a deeper level?
  • Stretch me to see how unstoppable, calm, and non-reactive I am?
  • Cultivate trust in myself that things will work out?

Every pattern that’s revealed and dismantled brings you closer to alignment and freedom.

Ask, What shift would create a thriving business relationship? 

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. 

about the author

Luann Horobin

With 20+ years of career and transformation expertise, Luann has a custom formula of career and transformation coaching strategies that integrate new awareness for life-altering breakthroughs for meaningful work, beyond your beliefs and upper limits. Changing mindset programs bring your ambitions to life, to be your best self, make better decisions, and live your best life, without stress. 

Luann, a transformationalist, works with career/life changers and groups with the art of ‘hit the mark’ conversations, meaningful work, transformation, leadership to put the zest in career and life progression, without stress. 

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